Launched in July 2018 Got Your Back is the place to go for trusted media on the topics that matter! We are using social media for social good and help you understand rights and issues facing young people in Hull.

Whatever the topic, Got Your Back is here for you. We aim to show life how it really is, warts and all! We create videos, blogs and post that start the conversations and debates, that enables you to protect and support yourself and each other through well-informed, powerful and relatable content.

You’ve found our website, but you’ll find most of our stuff and our community hanging out on our Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and anywhere else our community feels we ought to be!

Who's doing this?

Got Your Back is run by an Editorial Board of young volunteers aged between 13 and 19 who live, work or study in Hull. New Board members are welcome!

Got Your Back has been created following lots of research with local people who have shaped what we’ll do, how we’ll do it and even came up with the name as a way of showing each other that when it comes to life’s challenges there is somewhere there for you and on your side.

The work to build and run Got Your Back is supported by NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning on behalf of the Hull Place-based Board. Social marketing company eskimosoup is working with young people to make it happen.

Join us for our first Got Your Back event! 

On the evening of Thursday 21st February, we’re hosting The Got Your Back Atik Takeover – exclusively for 13-19 year olds  in Hull. With live music, performance and workshops such as rap, dance, and live art as well as marketplaces of local representatives and causes, there’s plenty to get involved with! Find out more on our social media or reserve tickets here!

Are you a budding artist, passionate writer, practised musician, blogger, filmmaker or someone who wants to change the world… or at the very least Hull?
Why not join the Got Your Back community?

Individuals could choose to:

Schools and groups could choose to:

As well as creating and sharing stuff that is of interest to young people in Hull on a range of topics, we also work with our board and groups of young people to create specific campaigns created to tackle specific health and social challenges.

Our first campaign is Know the Line aims to help young people prevent abuse in teenage relationships.

You can learn more about the campaign here.

There’s so much stuff online that it’s hard to separate the good from the not so good. Here is a mix of things young people have chosen for us to share!


There are many ways you get in touch with us.

*Please note: All ways of contacting go through to eskimosoup; the social marketing company who work on Got Your Back.

Got Your Back is supported by NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group.

If you want advice or someone to speak to call Childline 24/7 on 0800 1111