With the constant bombardment of information, hot takes and quick trending topics, from medical advice on TikTok to protests and major world events, we break down important stuff that’s going on into bitesize Instagram Stories which give a brief context so you know the down low while also contributing your views on the subject.

The Got Your Back Editorial Board is a group of young people who make Got Your Back tick. Literally, everything we do starts and ends with them. In a truly collaborative relationship between a team of marketing professionals and a group of 14 – 21 year old volunteers, we chat on our WhatsApp group and meet regularly to eat pizza, discussing what topics matter to young people right now, what content to produce and come up with brand new ideas on how to make sure Got Your Back stays the trusted (and most engaging) media for young people in Hull.

The Editorial Board also provides work experience opportunities for those involved. Most of our board members have been involved in animation, copywriting, events production, content creation, podcast hosts and much more. We are always welcoming new members to join, so if you are looking to build skills in media and want a space where your voice and opinions are heard, respected and valued, drop us an email!

In 2019, we joined up with The 28 Day Survey to have an open conversation about periods. Speaking to young people of all genders, we asked what it was really like for young people to access sanitary products and education around the topic. Including people who do and do not menstruate, we held focus groups with 13 – 19 year olds in-person and called out to our followers to contribute in a month-long research period (excuse the pun) for medical and educational professionals to understand where period poverty and lack of resource is prominent in Hull and the surrounding areas.

We realise that a bunch of millennials aren’t going to be able to properly represent the voices of young people on our own, which is why we originally created Got Your Back, to pass the mic so the right voices are amplified. A part of this is a promise to our Editorial Board that we will experiment with innovative social media content creation, involving 16 – 21 year olds in the content creation process.

We don’t believe there are many other medias for young people who allow the freedom and education we offer for our contributors and that’s why we have a dedicated place on our feeds for talented young people interested in marketing, media and journalism. We empower young people to use their own voices instead of adults speaking on their behalf, and we are particularly proud of the moments we completely hand over the reins.

Some of our Creative Content Contributors have made:

  • Period Hacks! – As part of The 28 Day Survey, a group of university students took over our feed to create Period Hacks. They created short videos through Instagram Stories and Highlights for tips on easier periods in an easy-to-access format.
  • Illustration – We hired a talented young illustrator and Instagram influencer Lauren Marsden (@laurenjadem15) from Hull College to work with us over 3 months to help us visualise important topics such as Self-consciousness, Healthy Relationships and Sex Education.
  • GYB Podcast – Now known as GYBChat, we have been producing podcast episodes on our YouTube channel for years. Most recently some of our Editorial Board have created GYBChat, a monthly topical comedy podcast where young people talk about a topic they choose. They have received thousands of views on YouTube to date and have recently reached their tenth episode recording!
  • TikTok – Our most recent CCC project is our TikTok, which we have handed over to our Editorial Board to create videos based on topics and themes that we are running through our Instagram every month.  

There are many ways for you to get in touch with us.

*Please note: All ways of contacting go through to eskimosoup; the social marketing company who work on Got Your Back.

Got Your Back is supported by NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group.

If you want advice or someone to speak to call Childline 24/7 on 0800 1111