Consumption on the planet

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Nemo’s view on consumption and production is that it is higher than ever before.


Our need for things is what keeps the production market moving and unless we slow it down it will get bigger. Take the tech market for example. TVS, computers, mobile phones and cars have to be seen to be made better all the time. Mobile phones are made from a variety of metals which means we are constantly using earths resources, some of which are deep sea mined.

Our need for water in plastic bottles, making the UKs consumption of single use bottles 7.7 billion, either go into landfill, or the ocean with only a small percentage getting recycled.

Our need is out of control and being driven by irresponsible larger corporations without giving any thought to how their products are produced or what will happen to them at end of life.

People maybe don’t realise it’s impact on our planet is worse than ever recorded in history. If we continue to carry on as we are doing, the future of our planet and it’s outcome for future generations is not positive and we are the generation that have the opportunity and the power to change it now.

In a world that’s changing because of the human hand we have to educate and understand that we as a species need to learn how to make this planet habitable not just for humans, but for any species which calls Earth home.

– Nicky, Ocean Conservationist


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