How to stay motivated

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How to stay motivated:

As part of this month’s theme of January and why it can, well, suck, we thought we’d throw a little bit of positivity into the mix!

Lots of you guys have been letting us know about your new year goals over the past couple of weeks, so we wanted to share a little bit of motivation to keep you going! If you have any more tips to sticking to your goals, help a fellow young person out and let us know!


  • Redefine your goals – If weeks into January your goal or plans aren’t working out for you, redefine them! Goals can be modified to suit your situation and having this flexibility allows your goal to realistically be met. If getting 30 minutes exercise is taking too much time around other commitments, redefine it to 20 minutes. It’s still better than nothing! We evolve and adapt all the time, so there’s no reason why our goals and aims can’t with us too!


  • Keep track of your progress and look back on it – Keeping little notes of your achievements towards your goal can be really motivational. Aiming to read more? Keep a note on your phone of pages per night and update it every time. This will help keep you accountable, on track, and motivated to keep going.


  • Have milestones to look forward to – Setting big and long-term goals can be great but remember to break them up with mini milestones so you can reward yourself at each stage. These little stages on the way to reaching your big goal will help keep you motivated for something more in the short term rather than viewing your goal as something far in the future.



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