Introducing our first campaign: Know the Line

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Ever heard the phrase ‘you’ve crossed the line’ or ‘you’ve gone too far’? Yes?

But what does it mean in terms of a relationship, how do you know when someone has gone to far?

Know the line has been created to help you know and understand where the line is between a healthy and an abusive relationship, to hopefully stop abusive behaviours in teenage relationships.

Firstly, what is relationship abuse?

Relationship abuse is another term for domestic violence or abuse. It is basically when someone controls their girlfriend or boyfriend (whether they’re officially together or not) using violence, threats, isolation, humiliation, money or sex.


Is relationship abuse an issue for teenagers?


In the creation of this campaign we met with groups of young people across Hull and spoke with several who had experienced different types of abuse first hand, from physical violence through to emotional abuse.

According to a Refuge and Avon study 56% of young people have experience controlling behaviours in a relationship! With 31% saying a controlling partner had prevented them living their lives preventing them socialising or working.

Sometimes it’s obvious where the line is, most people will recognise that violence and physically hurting your partner is a big no-go area, but how do you know when wanting to know where your partner is becoming controlling, or banter becomes emotional abuse? When does it cross the line?


Over the next week we are going to run a vote on our Instagram to find out where you think the line is between some relationship behaviours! Head over and get involved.




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