Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time again where our Instagram feeds are filled with ‘New year, new me’ messages and whilst all with good intention, they can be incredibly hard to stick to. This year we thought we’d share some slightly more realistic resolutions that when followed, no matter how long for, may help improve everyday little things in your life.

  • Spend less time scrolling – Now, I’ve started with a big one here but that’s because the amount of time we all spend on our phones or sat at a screen really does impact our day to day lives. From being caught up in other people’s perfect lives on Instagram to checking Facebook like the morning paper (we’re all guilty!) taking a social media detox can help you focus on things more important than what your aunt’s neighbour’s cousin did at the weekend.
  • Spend more time taking care of yourself – January itself can be a pretty rough month. The festive cheer has died down, as have our bank balances, the weather is grey, and everyone can feel a bit sluggish getting back into their routines after a break from school or college. We should do this all year round but in January in particular make sure to take care of yourself, be that finding new ways to relax or making time for some much-needed self-care.
  • Give out more compliments – Little everyday things like this, no matter how small, can make the world just that little bit happier. It’s easy to forget to show appreciation to our friends, family, and even teachers or people we spend any amount of time with. So, in 2019 let’s all try and be that little bit extra nice to everyone – you don’t always know much it will mean to them.
  • Reduce your plastic use and recycle more – Another one we are all guilty of is using too much non-reusable plastic and there’s tonnes of easy solutions to help protect our planet for the future. Whether that’s ditching taking 300 napkins at McDonald’s or helping your dad put everything into the right recycling bin, there’s lots of easy everyday days we can all do our part.
  • Pick up the phone more to your loved ones – Now I’m sure picking up the phone to make a call will be as rare in 2019 and it is in 2018, but especially for your elderly relatives this may be something they’d love to get from you. As we get older and busier it can be easy to forget to keep in touch with our family, so even just a 5-minute call for a catch-up could really make their day.
  • Do one thing a day that helps you reach your goal – This can be applied to whatever goal it is you want to achieve. Want to get more active? Take the stairs or use the step tracker on your phone more. Want to get your first job? Start work on your CV or reach out to organisations you’d be interested in doing work experience for. No matter the goal, doing something small everyday to help you get closer to it is much more manageable and realistic than aiming for the final goal straight away.

Whether you make (or stick to…) your New Year’s Resolutions or not, from all at the Got Your Back team, have a wonderful 2019!

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