The A-Z of modern dating

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The A-Z of modern dating:

A) Astrology – It’s definitely becoming more of a thing
B) Bird boxing – It’s true, love makes us blind sometimes and we refuse to see the bad in someone
C) Cohabitating – This can be a recipe for relationship disaster if not thought through carefully
D) Deal breakers – Big or small, we all have our own opinions
E) Emotional Resilience – Dating in 2019 can be super hard, and it can throw curve balls at us which can actually make us stronger
F) FBO – Because it’s not official until it’s on Facebook
G) Ghosting – When the person you’re dating suddenly disappears without a trace
H) Haunting – When the ghost comes back and pops up every now and then from behind the grave to like your latest selfie
I) IRL – The ultimate aim to take it offline and actually meet in person like the good old days
J) Juggling – Because for some people sometimes one person isn’t enough
K) Kittenfishing – Just like catfishing, but instead using an outdated picture of yourself
L) Labels – A LOT of people dread this word – for some it can be scary but for others reassuring
M) Meh – Simply ‘meh’. No spark, unbothered.
N) Non-first date – Is this a date? Is it not?
O) Orbiting – They’re still there watching every move you make on social media
P) Pied off – Very British way of saying ‘dumped’
Q) Q – Cool slang for the word ‘cool’…apparently?
R) R-Bombed – Yep we’ve all been there…left on read
S) Slow-fading – The stage just before ghosting where the conversations die down and so do the replies
T) Thank u, next – We all know this one – a reminder that the most important relationship you can ever have is the one with yourself
U) Uninterested – Some people just aren’t bothered about being in a relationship, and that’s absolutely fine
V) Vulturing – Waiting for someone else’s relationship to break down so that you can be there to swoop in and pick up the scraps
W) Werk – Putting in a lot of ‘werk’ and effort with someone
X) X Factor – Have they got what it takes?
Y) You do you – Don’t change for anyone, especially in a relationship
Z) Zombie – When someone starts communicating with you again, like they have risen from the dead.

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