What is Got Your Back?

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I would describe Got Your Back as a platform for young people in and around Hull to have their voice be heard. Got Your Back aims to tackle the health and social issues that teenagers encounter in their lives that may not be recognised otherwise. Got Your Back has a unique vision that young people have the knowledge, support and capability to help with the problems that matter to them. We believe that teenagers should be able to identify and make positive choices for the issues that are most important to them, an example of this would be our “Know The Line” campaign, which helps others to recognise the signs of an abusive relationship.

Got Your Back focuses on being a voice to bring awareness to and help solve the problems that many teens face in their day to day lives. Before I joined the Editorial Board for Got Your Back, I felt like no matter how much I talked, no one would pay attention to what I said because of my age. I was first drawn to the chance to join Got Your Back due to my love for media and my interest in improving some of the issues in today’s society. As I discovered more about the intentions of Got Your Back, I quickly realised that this was an opportunity that I needed to take. By joining the Editorial Board I was given a voice and a place where my ideas were equal to everyone involved. I now have the chance to voice my concerns and give suggestions on how to improve them, as well as communicate with others on the board who all enjoy getting involved in our meetings.

I think that Got Your Back serves as a great opportunity to everyone, especially teenagers, in Hull. There are plenty of ways to get involved, from following us on social media to getting involved with the Editorial Board, so your voice can be heard too. Since Got Your Back involves its target audience as part of its media, those who talk to us, whether through social media or in person, are always heard and their views and ideas are always taken into consideration. Due to the involvement and connection, young people can have with Got Your Back, our goals are influenced by them. I believe that Got Your Back will open up so many more opportunities for young people in Hull to be heard and to make a change for the better.

The Got Your Back Board meets once a month to discuss ideas and vote on decisions, we are working on bios for the members and will get a group photo at our next meeting in August!

If you want to get involved there is still time to join the board just drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

By Aaliyah Johnson Mudd

Board member since May 2108

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