What is meant by body image?

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What is meant by body image?

Body image = The perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception.

Some people are super positive about their body image, some people not so much. No matter what end of the spectrum you are at, it doesn’t matter, but what does matter is how much it is affecting you mentally and physical.

Body image is initially determined by different factors:

  1. The way you SEE your body can have a massive impact. This is also known as your perceptual body image. They way we see ourselves isn’t necessarily how others do; for example, someone could look in the mirror and appear overweight to themselves, when really that isn’t the case. We look at ourselves multiple times throughout the day, so of course we are going to notice things that others may not. It’s up to you how you act upon it.


  1. The way you FEEL about your body can also make a difference – this is known as your affective body image. The way we feel about our bodies is completely up to us – we can either decide to accept it, or feel disgusted by it.


  1. The way you THINK about your body is your cognitive body image. Hating the way you look will produce negative thoughts, and repeating them over and over again to yourself will eventually ruin you. Be kind to yourself, and the end of the day your body is trying to look after you and keep you alive. Positive thoughts will lift your mood and make you feel better about your appearance.


The way you view yourself is completely up to you; you can choose to either love it or hate it. It’s never too late to work on yourself, but don’t worry too much thinking about things you can’t change – you’ll spend your whole life being disappointed if you do. My advice to you is to simple own it. If the slightest thing about yourself was different, you wouldn’t be you.

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